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Our officers represent a range of nationalities and disciplines but are all joined by a common love of language. Scroll down to see the people who keep PULP running.

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President: Kate Reed '19

Kate is a History major pursuing certificates in Spanish and Latin American Studies. In addition to tackling administrative things for PULP, she translates (and occasionally edits) for the Spanish team.

Treasurer/Director of Language Fellows: Jazmyn Blackburn '19

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Director of Membership: Hannah Yang '17

Our lovely editors

Spanish: Maria Jerez, Betsy Vasquez, Jan Domingo Alsina
Chinese: Lydia Liu, Jianing Zhao
French: Laura DeMaio, Owen Ayers
Korean: Suzie Jung, Jean Cho
Japanese: Lydia Liu
Russian: Suren Tavakalov
Arabic: Coy Ozias