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Hong Kong

PULP isn't just in Princeton, New Jersey. We operate around the world to help with translations and engage people in linguistics. Read below about our Hong Kong chapter, Chinese International School (CIS).

Chinese International School, a K-12 school that comprises students of a host of different backgrounds, has continued to espouse the values of a dual-language education since its founding in 1983. PULP ties in with CIS’s mission in myriad ways; the most notable being that the language skills students acquire from a CIS education can be used dynamically to contribute to society, to inspire people to act. CIS students, who are passionate, driven and who have a penchant for the languages, have certainly found fulfillment and meaning when translating documents for PULP.

The CIS PULP Chapter was founded by Beatrice Soh (CIS '10 and Princeton '14), and is the first high school PULP chapter. Since its inception, the CIS PULP chapter has provided two-way translations between Mandarin Chinese and English for local and international organizations. CIS PULP has worked in tandem with NGOs including Watchdog Hong Kong, Heifer International, Kids4Kids, Po Leung Kuk and since the 2013-2014 academic year has translated for Hong Kong Caring Magic Circus and Animals Asia. CIS PULP has also created glossaries (containing English translations and pinyin) for Chinese books in CIS's Primary Library. It is currently lead by Megan Foo (President, CIS '15) and Jay Hu (Vice-President, CIS '15), and has a total of 17 members.