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Word Reference: an all-round good site for finding translations of individual words and short phrases
Linguee: provides authentic translations of phrases and sentences as opposed to individual words
WANGO: organization for NGOs that includes a database of NGOs by region and type of service
Duolingo: Fun tool to learn and practice different languages

Diccionario Panhispánico de Dudas

-- another searchable Spanish-to-Spanish dictionary published by the Royal Spanish Academy; includes more colloquial terms and terms used specifically in Latin America.

United Nations Multilingual Terminology Database

-- a searchable database of UN nomenclature and special terms, totaling 70 000 entries and updated daily. Search and entries provided in all of the 6 official UN languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic.

Adsotrans: Chinese-English Annotation

-- an automatic Chinese-to-English-only online text translator (also outputs pinyin). Although less reliable at the sentence and paragraph levels, input of words and phrases returns fairly accurate results specific to modern Chinese, such as official English names for various commonly-used proper nouns or institution titles. 海词

-- a two-way Chinese-English online dictionary that provides definitions, related terms, and sample sentences in demonstration of usage.

Diccionario de la Lengua Española

-- the searchable official Spanish-to-Spanish dictionary, published by the Real Academia Española (Royal Spanish Academy).

Ivy Mentors


Reading Tutor

-- Japanese-to-English translation dictionary that can provide word- by-word definitions for long sentences and paragraphs, published by Tokyo International University


-- Japanese only website with a two-way, searchable Japanese-English dictionary that includes definitions, common idioms, related words, pronunciation guides, and links to corresponding Wikipedia entries.

Erong Search

This website provides translation of terms and simple phrases between Chinese and English (both ways), as well as in-depth Chinese-Chinese definitions with related terms in Chinese and English. Other services include traditional-simplified conversion, a Chinese table of elements, list of zip codes for Chinese regions, and conversion between imperial years and the common era.

Humanities Resource Center

Rosetta Stone and foreign language movies for everyone!