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Past Projects

PULP has built valauble partnerships with NGOs from Plainsboro to Paris. We work with any nonprofit organization that we have the capacity to translate for. Some of our clients include: The Red Cross, Smithsonian Institute, UNICEF, Association to Benefit Children, Liecthenstein Instute, Youth Foundation, and Accountability Counsel.

Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch is a non-profit organization that works with indigenous and environmental organizations in the Amazon Basin to defend the environment and advance indigenous peoples' rights in the face of large-scale industrial development-oil and gas pipelines, power lines, roads, and other mega-projects.


The Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF), the nation's only pan-Asian children's advocacy organization, aims to improve the health and well-being of Asian Pacific American children and families in New York City.

California Charter Schools Association

The California Charter Schools Association (The Association) is the membership and professional organization serving charter schools in California. Charter schools are public schools that are responsive to students’ needs and are held accountable for improved student achievement. California leads the nation with 750 charter schools. The California Charter Schools Association advances the charter school movement through state and local advocacy, leadership on quality and extensive resources.

China AIDS Info

"China AIDS Info" is an extensive online database of news articles and analytical materials on the latest HIV/AIDS situations in China, offered in both English and Chinese.


The Center of Research for Development (Centro de Investigación para el Desarrollo, Asociación Civil, or CIDAC) is a not-for-profit, think tank that undertakes research and proposes viable policy options for Mexico´s economic and democratic development.


CILSIDA is an AIDS advocacy organization based in Togo since 2003. Their primary activity aims to involve the local youth in the health education and advocacy efforts on AIDS. The organization has also made collaborative efforts with UNICEF/ Togo. PULP has supported CILSIDA by translating their 2008 Annual Report from French to English.

Language: Spanish

Earthrights is a nonprofit group of activists, organizers, and lawyers with expertise in human rights, the environment, and corporate and government accountability. They document human rights and environmental abuses in countries, litigate in U.S. courts on behalf of people around the world whose earth rights have been violated by governments and transnational corporations, and teach people about their earth rights and remedies, especially people living under repressive regimes.


Givology is a website that does just this—it connects donors to promising students in developing countries. With small but impactful donations, you can sponsor grassroots community education initiatives and help fulfill the aspirations of children worldwide.

Good Neighbors International

Good Neighbors International (GNI) is the non-governmental organization of people who consider 'loving neighbors' to be most valuable and strive together to help the needy regardless of geographical areas, ideologies, races and religions. Thus far, GNI has carried out wholistic development ministries and emergency relief ministry in over 17 developing countries in the world since its inception in 1991. It was the first Korean NGO to receive the General Consultative Status from the UN Economic and Social Committee for its wide range of social relief projects in many areas around the world. Advocating children's rights and education for children, Good Neighbors carry projects including ohphanages, handicapped children programs, rural community development and others in 20 countries.

Human Rights Issues
Language: Chinese

PULP facilitates translation of NGO documents related to human rights issues in China. Past projects have included a 50-page NGO report translated from Chinese to English. Over 20 students contributed to the report's translation. PULP has no political stance with regards to human rights in China.


iPhysicianHub™ is a secured independent physician practice network and solutions hub, which is established locally for providing collaborative care, including care coordination, continuity of care, disease management, and transforming physician practices to electronic medical offices for delivering patient centric care, and collectively coordinated and managed by the care givers.


The Korean American Community Foundation (KACF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that raises funds and distribute these funds to social service organizations serving the Korean American community and beyond. To our supporters, we provide an opportunity to contribute back to the community. To our grantee organizations, we provide financial and other assistance. To the Korean American community, we create awareness of our social service needs and issues, and help cultivate a culture of giving. To the community at large and other communities, we build bridges.

Language: Spanish, French

Kiva lets investors connect with and loan money to unique small businesses in the developing world. By choosing a business on, Kiva helps its users "sponsor a business" and help the world's working poor make great strides towards economic independence.

Language:Chinese, Japanese, Korean

The New York Asian Women's Center (NYAWC) helps battered women overcome violence and govern their own lives, free of abuse. The Center also works to raise public awareness about domestic violence, advocate for the rights of battered women, and create an agenda for social change.


The New York City Administration for Children’s Services protects New York City’s children from abuse and neglect. Along with our community partners, Children’s Services provides neighborhood-based services to help ensure children grow up in safe, permanent homes with strong families.

Ota Museum

Features the private ukiyo-e (woodblock print) collection of the late Ota Seizo, who early in life recognized the importance of ukiyo-e as an art form and dedicated himself to its preservation.

Language: Spanish

Promoting Immigrant Voices in Education (PIVE) is a recently-founded organization working to "further immigrant parents' awareness of their rights to translation and interpretation services in New York City public schools, in order to provide greater opportunities for meaningful involvement in their children's education".

Princeton Blairstown Center

Princeton-Blairstown Center strengthens character, leadership and stewardship in urban youth and Princeton University students through transformative experiential education in a unique environment to advance a more equitable, peaceful and sustainable society

Safe Kids Worldwide
Language: Spanish, Chinese

Safe Kids Worldwide is the first and only international nonprofit organization dedicated solely to preventing unintentional childhood injury. We translate pamphlets on fire safety

The Association to Benefit Children
Language:French, Spanish

The Association to Benefit Children (ABC) was created to amplify the voices of defenseless children by combating the debilitating effects of poverty and championing the right of every child to a joyful and nurturing childhood.

The Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy

JUCCCE is a non-profit organization that seeks to accelerate the greening of China through reshaping consumer behaviors and policy consultations to public and private stakeholders.

World Resources Institute
Language: Chinese, Spanish, Russian

EarthTrends, a branch of the World Resources Institute, is an online database of research around environmental, social and economic issues, compiled from the world's leading statistical agencies. To date, PULP has translated current projects regarding fossil fuel consumption and its environmental and technological ramifications.

World Wildlife Fund

The WWF, founded in 1961, is one of the world's leading nature conservation organizations. The China branch works in particular with sustainable development and ecosystem protection.