Helping non-profits break language barriers.

PULP is a student-led organization at Princeton University that offers free translation services to non-profits and gives students opportunities to practice their language skills. We envision a world where non-profits are able to operate with disregard to language barriers. PULP's mission is to use the multilingual skills of college students to break down these language barriers that prevent non-profits from working effectively. [Learn More]

Special Annoucement:

PULP is excited to announce the launch of the Langauge Fellows Program for 2014! The PULP Language Fellows (LF) program was re-launched in 2014 to connect language learners with more experienced speakers. Students interested in improving their conversational skills in a language are paired with a fluent or native speaker and set up times to meet on their own. As a bonus, we reimburse snacks that Language Fellows buy, so you can meet up with your speaker for coffee or froyo for free! The program's a great way to improve your language skills in a low-key setting if you're learning and a great way to maintain them if you're already fluent. Interested in joining as a learner or native speaker? Contact the directors of the Language Fellows Program, Ronan O'Brien (rmobrien@princeton.edu), or Priscilla Yeung (myyeung@princeton.edu).

If you are interested in becoming involved with PULP, please email pulp@princeton.edu or use our contact form.


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